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Business activities


FFT International develops and sources European foodstuffs for markets outside of Europe. Through strategic partnerships with first-rank producers in Europe, we are capable of delivering a portfolio of products that suit the needs of consumers in markets such as in Asia, Australia and New-Zealand.

The products we develop are high in value, good in quality - and above all - ​safe. We strive continuously to maintain the highest quality standards in the industry. Our suppliers are fully HACCP/IFS/BRC certified, providing full confidence that the quality of the product is maintained throughout its transportation as well.

Our core business is providing affordable and attractive food solutions that add value and make your business grow. 


By offering consistent and value-added brands, we strive to increase the overall profitability of a customer's product category. Our private label products have proven to be able to compete with large brands, and are a good alternative to a supermarket's private label. 


We transport goods from throughout Europe to destinations around the globe. Be it ambient, chilled or frozen, we make sure that products arrive in good condition at their point of sale. 

We also offer consolidation and logistics optimisation services in order to minimize distribution costs. This leaves more room for competitive pricing or higher margins for our customers, and lowers the hurdle to introduce new products. 

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