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We believe that in the retail industry of today, there are opportunities to improve the relationships between suppliers, distributors, brokers and retail operators by developing a category management framework that will improve clients’ shopping experience, evolve the relationships into collaborative strategic partnerships, reduce costs and improve profit margins.

The retail food industry’s need for category management is being driven by the following key drivers:

  • The growing need to source more strategically

  • SKU optimization/increasing inventory turns and optimal space management

  • Satisfying changing consumer needs

  • Maximizing sales and profits by both distributors and retailers

  • Economic challenges and slowing down industry growth

A fresh

look at

Not everything to 


At FFT we embrace the need for category management and therefore we have made choices in which categories we offer smart solutions. 

Since we are well connected in the food industry and boast an extensive network, besides these main categories, we are also always happy to help source ‘hard-to-find’ items.

Teamwork and joining forces

In the highly competitive retail industry, the pressure for retailers and wholesalers to grow while increasing their margins is a constant challenge.

Your procurement teams probably already do a great job when it comes to high-volume direct goods, but it would be a challenge for any company to staff experts in every single product category.

Successful retailers are continually improving the buying experience by offering new types of stores, products, and services at an increasingly better value.

This goes far beyond just the lowest price!  FFT helps retailers and wholesalers to increase their profitability and keep up with demand by bringing additional resources, value, time, tools and market insights to the sourcing process.

By leveraging FFT International as a team member, you expand your resources and grow your network.

Private labels and private brands to differentiate

Smart retailers are aggressively integrating directly sourced private brands into their merchandise mix in order to drive profits and offer unique products to their clients


A portfolio of regular A-brand products is essential to any retailer, but regular A  brands are available at every retailer and thus limit the possibilities of differentiation by price only.


Therefore, adding directly sourced private label or exclusive brand products and brand categories is just what is needed. Private labels are not just about a lower price, but are about offering the best possible value.

We offer our solutions under store brand or under our own private brand concepts:

  • Masters from Europe

  • del giorno

  • Mise en Place

  • Euroselect

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