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FFT International has evolved from one of the first trading houses in the world to a specialist food marketing company.


Our experienced, passionate and multilingual team keeps a close eye on the food sector everywhere. By monitoring trends, researching markets and through our extensive network, we make sure that our clients are up-to-date with their product categories at all times. 

With optimisation of results being our main objective, working with our own brands has proven to be very effective. The results are reflected in cost optimisation, product and quality standardisation (a growing requirement) and improved value. 


We source the best-quality ingredients, innovative and sustainably-produced products throughout Europe, helping to set your businesses apart and give them that competitive edge. Because we understand what it takes for our customers to succeed in the market, we enjoy long-term mutually beneficial business relationships rather than short-term flybys.

The best part of my day is when I get to talk to our clients. I enjoy talking to the people we work with as much as possible because it helps to build a lasting partnership. I welcome all feedback, good or bad, because I know it is important to listen to the people you serve. If they care enough to talk to us about how we can be better, you know they care about our success as well. This kind of effective communication creates a partnership wherein the client looks to us as part of their team, integral to their success and happiness. They communicate openly about their strategic goals for their business’ future and see us as part of the plan to achieve those goals.

We are confident that we can meet any client’s need with an effective solution. My goal is for our clients to be assured that we have their best interests at heart. We may stumble and we may make mistakes, but we will always make it right. This all comes down to trust, the foundation of any effective business partnership. We will earn that trust by delivering on our promises to ensure every client gets the peace of mind that they deserve.

A specialist food marketing company

Robbert Hazelaar, CEO

FFT International

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