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Single point of contact

As a food service operator, you handle multiple categories involving thousands of products. The complexity leads to an endless number of suppliers with whom you have to negotiate all the terms and conditions on an individual basis.

When you work with FFT, you reward yourself with a flowing system and a single point of contact for multiple suppliers. We provide the right documents and with a single efficient invoicing point, administrative burdens will be low.

We like to keep it simple.

This saves both time and money, which can be passed on to your clients to keep your business competitive, cost-efficient and flexible.



Global logistics competency is fundamental to our business.

FFT offers a full range of logistics services from chilled, frozen and dry container consolidation to airfreight contracts for highly perishable goods.

Our many years of experience and well-established partnerships allow us to work with competitive freight rates and guarantee every delivery.

Purchase and inventory management

At FFT, we understand that with high-frequency shipments of mixed containers, customers are able to avoid expensive warehousing costs as the stock is on the water.

We add value by consolidating hand-selected items from different European countries, guaranteeing that our customers always have the right product at the right time.

Consolidation of high rotating items with lower rotating items results in a lower freight factor and also allows our customers to ship products with shorter shelf lives. A great solution and economic choice!

Why work with FFT?

Our passion is to find pragmatic product solutions, and at FFT International, we make an effort to understand your business. We take responsibility and work closely together as if we are part of your organisation. Together, we strive to build categories and optimise value. We are not restricted to the limitations of a single factory and offer an almost unlimited range of products in our key categories.

Our experienced and multilingual team speaks English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish and Japanese. Direct from our base, right in the centre of Europe, we cross language and cultural barriers as well as time differences. We take pride in working with a wide network of reliable and cost-efficient producers.

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