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Through ensuring that our suppliers are constantly following rigorous globally accepted food safety and hygiene standards, we guarantee that the final product is fully traceable and totally safe for consumption. Rest assured that all our suppliers are fully HACCP/IFS/BRC certified providing full confidence that the food safety, traceability and quality of the product is maintained throughout the production process and during its transportation as well.


​In addition, we understand that food regulations differ from country to country and that it is important to adhere to the safety and quality standards of the country the final product is to be consumed in. Our team ensures that our European suppliers adhere to the products and production process comply with  the legislation in the country of destination as well.


​Before launching a new product, FFT International ensures that the product is fit for the export market by performing a multitude of tests, such as shelf life tests, weight checks, and sensory tests. We perform these tests with external, third party laboratories that are acknowledged internationally.


To ensure the highest quality of packaging material, we provide technical advice for the realization of tailor-made projects. Additionally, work with internationally renowned designers to complete ensure that brands are represented at their very best.


To comply with religious requirements many of our products can be supplied with Halal certification.


We can also work with  certified Bio/organic, vegan, gluten free or RSPO where applicable.

Food safety and


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