A fresh look at foodservice

We believe that in the food service industry of today, there are opportunities to improve the transactional relationships between suppliers, distributors, brokers and restaurant operators by developing a category management framework that will improve guests’ dining experience, evolve relationships into collaborative strategic partnerships, reduce costs and improve profit margins.

The food service industry’s need for category management is being driven by the following key drivers:

  • The growing need to source more strategically

  • SKU optimisation and increasing inventory turns

  • Changing consumer needs and dining occasions

  • Maximising sales and profits by both the distributor and restaurant operators

  • Economic challenges and slowing down industry growth

At FFT, we embrace the need for category management and have therefore made decisions as to the categories in which we offer smart solutions:


Butter and cheeses for cooking or baking, salads, breakfast, lunch, dinner or appetizers, as well as ingredients, toppings, tastemakers, dairy blends and non-dairy alternatives.  

Desserts, bakery, ice cream

Top quality traditionally prepared desserts and ice cream as well as a wide selection of fully and partly baked breads.

Western-style meal components

A range of cost and time-saving (ready-to-heat) casual meal components for Western and Italian cuisine.

Shelf Stable Ingredients

Condiments, seasonings and sauces for Western and Italian style meals

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