The Italian cuisine is one of the most celebrated around the globe. Under the del giorno brand, we provide products that are suitable for consumers and retailers in overseas markets.


All del giorno products benefit from long shelf lifes, and come in formats adjusted to the limited shelf space of retailers in Asian, Oceanian, and African markets. 

Italian authenticity,

Intercontinental Compatibility


A pizza that fits in smaller

fridges and ovens

Our del giorno pizzas are stretched by hand, baked only in woodfired ovens. Topped with 100% italians tomatoes and other high-quality ingredients, we strive to deliver a splendid experience. 

To various markets we bring Italian desserts that deliver an authentic restaurant experience. Flavours and recipes are carefully selected based on the different tastes of consumer groups.  

Our desserts have a frozen shelf life of one year, and a chilled shelf life of up to 30 days after defrosting.


Premium quality desserts,

Presented in glass


Traditional filled pasta,

conveniently packaged

Made with 100% Italian flour and only the highest quality ingredients, del giorno filled pasta is frozen to guarantee freshness throughout its shelf life. The 250g single serving size makes it ideal for smaller households and for those who have smaller freezers.


Frozen with 365 days shelf life,

20 days after defrosting

Made with 100% Italian milk, this mozzarella is as authentic as it gets. However, we have found the way to deliver Italy's most well-known fresh cheese to all corners of the world. 

By using a special production process, this mozzarella can be stored frozen for up to 365 days with no loss in quality. After defrosting, the remaining shelf life at chilled temperature is 20 days.  

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